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 getting a bit bored

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forum bitch!
forum bitch!

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PostSubject: getting a bit bored   Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:42 am

yh the server starting to get boring for me cause when i'm on on weekdays no1 is on i have to wait till weekend to even play at same time. So i probs gonna start playing other servers a bit more idrc if i lose mod just dont wanna be bored if i don't deserve mod then dont let me have. So its pretty much good bye but i will come on every day to see how server is and i will also stay active on forums.dosnt mean i am quitting just means that i wont play as much anymore unless we get some people that play at same time as me or even more players to stop quitting and dont forget if im on and u need help just ask me question
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getting a bit bored
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